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opps... I forgot to tell my brother when I talked to him that night so I'll just say it here. Happy birthday bro! =) How old is he you ask? Nah, none of your business =p

In other news my flight leaves the 21st about 3pm. Wee. I'll be flying to Orlando where I'll enjoy a tour of NASA, the everglades, and then Disney World or Sea World. After which I'll leave on the 27th to New Orleans and back to Louisiana. I can think of one person who might be happy about that ^_^ *poke poke* lalalala

Hmm... I think I'll create a wish list again and the first thing I'm adding to it is a GameCube and Animal Crossing. haha. I'm going to get a memory card and load my guy on it so I can pick up from there when I finally get it. I play too much, heh. I've started to forward time a little too much. Days at a time, heh. Now I'm just forwarding and then reversing time over and over.

*yawns* well, I'm going to go play more Animal Crossing. Chow peeps.
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