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The promised details.

Since I promised more details I take this time to do so. Only other thing I'm doing is pacing the house in anticipation. o_o'

Yesterday I went to school at 7am to meet with my math teacher and hang out with some peeps. I did meet with the teacher and we figured I could still pass the class. As for hanging out with some peeps, only one of the expected peeps showed up. The other two appeared to have been taken hostage in La-La Land. The progressed, etc etc, we chatted, nothing too big.

Then, about noon, we all went out to eat at McDonalds. Afterwards, Aaron (I mentioned him before), Ashely, and myself decided to hang out for the rest of the day. We went to Laura's house (one of the people that I expected to show up but didn't) and hung out for a while. We thought we would go clubbing last night but, as it turns out, found out Friday isn't really the night people go clubbing and decided to post pone it until tonight. The girls decided to finish the day off with a girl's night which left us guys (There was only Aaron and myself) to be dropped off. That was at about 6pm.

What makes me so nervous is I'm going to be seeing someone I want to see about hooking up with and this will be the first time I've gone clubbing. And I'm also considering the possibility something has come up and they've forgotten about me. I feel that's likely, for some reason. BLEH! I'm too insecure.

Ashley was supposed to come over today so we could work on her essays but that hasn't happened and, from the looks of it, won't be either. If I had known that I would've gone to the library to read that book "Twelve years a slave" like I originally planned. bleh, oh well. I'll just have to read it Monday and Tuesday.

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