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Very interesting drama.

Remember that entry I wrote several weeks ago concerning flaying some people? Well, it got noticed (which I kinda expected) however it was taken more serious and literally then I originally anticipated. I now have a general panic attention focused on me from both the group (sorry), the school (ouch), and the police (uh-oh).

I go away for the weekend (the entry detailing that will have to be delayed a bit) and come back to this. I first got wind of this mess from comments made by Aaron, Laura, and possibly some other people on that entry. I thought there would be just a little mess at school and that would be easy enough to calm over with "I didn't mean it like that", etc however things were taken very seriously by the school. (No idea how they got involved, but I don't blame them and it's okay) So now the police have been notified and blah blah blah.

I met with the school councilor and the psychology teacher before my first class at noon then we talked about the situation a bit. They advised me about what was likely to happen and tried to figure out what to do about me concerning the rest of the school. They didn't seem to think my word that I wouldn't hurt anyone was good enough so things are still proceeding. After class I agreed to, and did, sign a bit of a contract saying I wouldn't harm myself or anyone else and if I did feel like doing that I would call one of several crisis/suicide hot lines.

My sister met up with me about that time and we started out the parking lot. Someone next to the school seemed to be waving at Someone however neither of us had any idea who it was and it didn't seem obvious he was waving at us so we got in the truck and left. My sister noticed we were being followed, and by someone she has seen at the police department before, and we were. He needed to talk with the college again first however he did set up a meeting for me at his office at 3pm today (1 hour from now).

It seems this is being treated as if it is about to be another columbine massacre (or something).

To all those involved (Aaron, Laura, Ashley, Casey, and anyone I can't think of off hand) I'm sorry about this mess. I wish my intention was conveyed across but since it wasn't I'll try to make up for it. I promise I won't hurt anyone if I can help it. That's one thing I try very hard not to do, at all times. One of the reasons I don't drink is because I'm concerned I'll lose control of my facilities and I don't trust myself if I can't control them.

[Edit: Link forward to further details]
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