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Those details, at long last.

You want all the details, is that it? That's okay, I can do that. I'll start at the meeting with the sheriff detective.

So my parents and I all piled in the mini-van and drove to the court house (which is also the sheriff's department). Once there he took me into the interrogation room for a little over an hour. At first he talked to me like I wouldn't even understand what my rights were (he had to read me my rights) but by the end he got ticked off at me a bit. See, I toyed with him and acted arrogant. I shouldn't have but I had a separate issue when it comes to cops and since he was the first one I got to challenge he happened to be the one I resolved that issue on. It's all good though. I hope.

So the detective 'suggests' I voluntarily go to the hospital and get a psych evaluation. I do so, and before midnight I'm in a mental institute with my belt, shoe strings, and house keys confiscated. Long story short, I met some nice people while there but before three rolled around I met with a Dr. Pate and decided to discharge me, provided I keep seeing Tamyra (The therapist) to work with me on these issues.

After getting the note from the mental institute to the college that says I'm not going to hurt myself or anyone else, things are back to normal. For the most part.

whew... finally got that out of the way.

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