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Oh no. -_- Not good.

My stomach feels painfully empty (I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon) and my head feels like it has a constant dull pressure on it. I also feel very sluggish and thoughtless. Earlier, before the psychology final, I had a pain right in the center of my chest where the ribs part. My mom gave me some Oreganol stuff to put where it hurt, and I slept up until class started. It was gone then, but I get the feeling it could come back at any minute.

I'm drinking some chicken brooth (food doesn't look appealing at all. In fact, it looks repulsive) and writing this entry. I want to go back to sleep, but know I can't until I get those two English compositions rewritten for tonight's class. They seem like such easy papers, if only I could focus on their subject long enough to finish them.

I hope all this is just stress but it could be something much more serious. I'll risk it for now, but if it continues after Wednesday night math class (95% of stress gone) I'll be considering it something much more serious.
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