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The good news first:
For all you people who read my journal and don't have a journal of your own, LiveJournal no longer requires an invite code. You can now get your own free account without a code from someone or buying a paid account for a short period of time. Have at it! And let me know what your journal is, I want to keep track of all you guys, even if I can't in reality.

The shocking news:
Last night Scott (Best friend for years from years past) ran into my sister while she was working at wal-mart last night. She certainly thinks a lot of him, cause she came home basicly bouncing off the walls. Anyway, she got his number so I can call him some time. If he doesn't have classes today he's probably sleeping in so I'll wait until about noon thing ring his phone. This'll definately be very interesting, in the least. Time to see what he's been up to with his life. It's been so long since we've lasted talked or seen eachother.
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