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Pimpin' Robby

He thinks no one but myself reads his journal so I'm going ot pimp him out. Everyone meet Robert, aka deathvamp. I've mentioned him a few times in my journal already and with the removal of invite codes he has been able to get his own journal finally.

He's the one I mentioned as not having a case. I would love to get to know him in person, but at the current rate of things we're not likely to meet until around the middle of next year. I've known him for like a year online, too. It's such a long time to have to wait to not even be able to start something with someone... but he's right, too. If we were to offically try to hook up online before we could meet there's no telling how it would end up. Long distance relationships without being able to at least meet first can be very shaky.

P.S. Rob gave me the music I'm listening to right now. Interesting lyrics, eh? =P

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