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Major update of recent things

I think it's time to update some things, cause lots has changed that I haven't talked about.

Let's start with some of the older news, like my sore throat. It's almost all better now. It only feels like I need to cough a handful of times a day instead of coughing fits for ten to fifteen minutes.

Just as it was getting all better my right eye got an infection, so we think. I totally forgot I had contacts and was wearing them for so long that it got built up and irritated the eye. It was blood red almost all over the eye when it first showed up, but now it's down to a dull pink and doesn't irritate me anymore. Another day or two at most and it'll be normal white again.

I've had lots of time to do things lately, but haven't. For the most part I've been spending time with Rob, like talking, playing games, etc. All that good stuff. :-) It's going pretty well there too. Still no closer plans to see each other until about the middle of next year.

My brother will be coming down for Christmas although I don't know specific dates just yet. He should be getting back to me some time tonight with those. For a while I thought about going up to his place until the next college semester starts but that doesn't look like it'll work out. I'd only be able to spend about two or three weeks until I had to come back. Okay, so maybe that's longer then I thought however it isn't long enough to get a temp job while there.

I need some money. >_> Old news, yes, but the bad news is that I thought I would be getting some from the return of the class books. The most I'd be able to get right now is $7 from a $25 to $30 book, but mainly cause I didn't rip any of the pages out. Which sucks, cause the buy-back rate was supposed to be 50% =_= The lady there told my sister to come back closer to next semester because the price they'll buy books back is affected by the demand for the book. Also, if the college decides to stop using a book for a class then they don't buy it back, as is what happened with my Speech class.
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