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Just a gentle reminder to myself.

*slaps self* Hello?!

Edit: So, I was walking across the parking lot from the court house/sheriff's department to the library (they're right next to eachother) and I saw Nicholas' red Mustang in the parking lot. I went "Oh, here's here." ... "Well of course he's here, he works here!"

But anyway, he was at the counter most of the time I was there but he did walk around to put some books back on their shelves. I went hunting for a book to read (picked up "Firebird" again cause I didn't get to read it last time I had it) and soon after took a nap cause I was so sleepy. Anyway... when I checked out the book on my way out with my sis she struck up a conversation with him, or start to. Asked if he was going to RPCC next semester again. He said he yeah, going to get his basic classes out of the way...


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