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A "black_basilisk" entry ;-)

This is going to be one of those black_basilisk entries; the kind he doesn't like cause they seem clumped together and not a real entry.

First topic is Christmas. It came & went and with a decent outcome. My sister got me a little travel sized 5-in-1 magnetic board game set (Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Backgammon, and Parcheesi). Then my brother is getting me a web cam however it's just been ordered so it won't get to me until this time next week. And that was it. Yeah, no computer or gifts from anyone else. But the web cam toy seems to make up for it =P

Christmas night we (My brother, sister, and I) went to the movies. We saw Peter Pan and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Peter Pan was a fun little movie that you can get yourself immersed in pretty well. Then LotR: RotK was long, but good. The ending seemed to be drawn out a lot with the screen fading to black for several seconds a number of times then coming back but overall the movie was very fulfilling. Woo =)

Next up, vacation. No, Christmas wasn't really a vacation; just a time off from school. For vacation I'll be spending the next two weeks at my brother's place in Tennessee. (And yes, the web cam will be sent there instead of here). I'll be taking my computer so there won't be a major outage of journal updates.

Hmm, yep. I think that's about it for me. Now for random thoughts.

I don't understand how some people can allow themselves to feel oppressed by certain things. I know quite a few gay people that feel they have to keep their identity a secret else the world will end. How can they let their life be ruled by other people's opinions and rules? It's their life, not their parents or surroundings. It just baffles me. =(

My sister, who has finally told our parents so I feel free enough to mention it here, is finally moving out of the house. At 21 she'll be moving in with our brother until she can get settled with a job of her own. Maybe now she can stop being consumed with hatred for our parents and get on with her life.

It's sad how many people let their life be consumed by one thing or another. Maybe I'm guilty of this too but don't even realize it...

Well, we're going ice skating tonight so I better get my butt off this seat and in the shower. And then tomorrow afternoon Bowling =D We leave Monday for his place which means I clean Sunday night and pack Monday morning.

Peace be, my readers ;)

P.S. Over 60 hours since my last entry and not a single comment. I didn't think it was that plain, since only bad or good entries get comments.
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