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After being up all night I continued to stay up to get packed. I was mostly packed at 8:15 so I joined everyone at the breakfast table. I was like a zombie, doing everyone on instinct rather then thought because I wanted to collapse in a sleeping fit right there on the table.

After breakfast at 8:45 I tried to find out how our plans would be for going back and forth. At the time I only knew my sister would be coming back down the 6th, going back up with her stuff, and then I would be back down the 10/11th or 17/18th. I decided I wanted to come back down with her, mainly so I could hang out with Caleb when he gets back from Orlando (Yeah......).

Needless to say, my sister started a fit. She said that because she had things to do on the way back down the 5th (instead of the 6th) she Could Not take me with her. Five minutes later she said if I want to come back down this weekend then we'll just have to work things around that. (Note that she's being snobby to imply everything revolves around me) At that moment I was still trying to formulate a possible way to be back down when or soon after Caleb would make it back. I didn't have anything sketched in stone.

My sister thinks it is her god-given right to tell everyone as little as possible about her plans, even if they are in those plans. Then if she does tell you enough to make your plans and you try to change your plans then you're the abomination of all things. Yeah...

I like to do things on whims, like the meeting last night. I don't do things all that often but I do do them and when I do I don't like my plans hi-jacked or hindered. Perfection is my goal. My family is my number one obstacle.

Ok, so far it's not so bad, eh? Well, we're all in the living room talking. Jonathan (brother) is at the computer, I'm on the couch, my sister is on the piano bench, and my dad was sitting in a chair between all of us. My sister is ranting about me calling her a snob for thinking no one should know her plans, no matter how harmless they are, and how I have no right to do that. She goes on and on, pauses for about ten seconds seemingly done so my mom starts talking... Esther (sister) cuts her off and goes on and on for a while longer. Repeat. Then she's finally done so I try to speak up but Mom cuts me off. =_= Mom talks about how she's just trying to figure out what's going on cause she's not hearing then what she heard before (which is true) so my sister cuts her off talking about how it's none of her business what is going on.

Sadly it doesn't end there. The sparing between those two go on for a while and I get cut off again and again. (Hello? These plans are about me here yet I can't even talk?) I start talking then my dad cuts me off so I lose it. Literally. I scream out some stuff like (which I'll repeat but I don't remember proper order) "I'm sick of being cut off by everyone," "Everyone wants to talk but no one wants to listen to me," and at one point my sister interrupts me (!?!) saying something which I only vaguely remember to be pertaining to how she's on my side so I yell back at her "You too, Esther. You're the first to cut me off and the last to speak."

At this point I pick up my computer off the living room floor and leave... I'm so sick of it. My sister comes back a few minutes later trying to talk to me, but I tell her I don't want to hear any of it. She continues talking anyway so I slam the door in her face. Thirty seconds later she's talking through the door so I'm like "I know you're not talking through my door" to which she replies with something like "Whatever you think of me, don't you ever do that again" like she controls everything. pfft, I'll do dang well as I please with my room door.

I got all my stuff back and am now sitting here, Esther free. She's the person I felt closest to in my family but she was the one that could tick me off the most... amazing. =|

So yeah, there went my trip.
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