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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Following advice post (sortof)
I'm not sure how to pose this question to Caleb O.o so I'll just post the conversation in which the advice was given. It seems appropriate, I suppose.

zimzat: Hey, how's your relationship advice?
mrtrblmkr1: mine?
mrtrblmkr1: so so, considering i hardly keep any relationships...
mrtrblmkr1: well, no, that's wrong
mrtrblmkr1: i do keep relationships, just never had a bf gf type relationship....
zimzat: So... what would your advice be to someone who Just met someone and wants to rush into things?
mrtrblmkr1: ask the other half if s/he doesn't mind
mrtrblmkr1: most people make mistakes by just doing it, and realizing the other didn't want to.
zimzat: ...
zimzat: I think that's the most straight-forward advice I've gotten so far.
mrtrblmkr1: best would be to do it if you know the person well, and the know you, but make sure it subtle.
mrtrblmkr1: eep...
zimzat: "to someone who Just met someone"
mrtrblmkr1: oooh, n.m, it should still be the same
mrtrblmkr1: just ask, since this is a relationship with 2 ppl.

So.... yeah. >_> *crosses fingers and goes back to work on PDI*

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Current Music: "I Drove All Night" by Celine Dion

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