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Following advice post (sortof)

I'm not sure how to pose this question to Caleb O.o so I'll just post the conversation in which the advice was given. It seems appropriate, I suppose.

zimzat: Hey, how's your relationship advice?
mrtrblmkr1: mine?
mrtrblmkr1: so so, considering i hardly keep any relationships...
mrtrblmkr1: well, no, that's wrong
mrtrblmkr1: i do keep relationships, just never had a bf gf type relationship....
zimzat: So... what would your advice be to someone who Just met someone and wants to rush into things?
mrtrblmkr1: ask the other half if s/he doesn't mind
mrtrblmkr1: most people make mistakes by just doing it, and realizing the other didn't want to.
zimzat: ...
zimzat: I think that's the most straight-forward advice I've gotten so far.
mrtrblmkr1: best would be to do it if you know the person well, and the know you, but make sure it subtle.
mrtrblmkr1: eep...
zimzat: "to someone who Just met someone"
mrtrblmkr1: oooh, n.m, it should still be the same
mrtrblmkr1: just ask, since this is a relationship with 2 ppl.

So.... yeah. >_> *crosses fingers and goes back to work on PDI*
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