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I'm surprised, to say the least

This struck me as odd enough to post it, so I am. (Please note, this is not directed at anyone... I just think it's odd anyone thinks this of me)

mrtrblmkr1: YOU with CONDOMS
mrtrblmkr1: that's like you saying YOU have COMPETITION.
zimzat: ... I did say that too though, didn't I?
zimzat: And why wouldn't I have competition???
mrtrblmkr1: i dunno
mrtrblmkr1: i expect you to outbeat any competition
mrtrblmkr1: making them nothing at all.
zimzat: "Me to outbeat any competition"......
zimzat: That's one for the record books, cause I'm certainly nothing fanciful and not the stuff guy's dreams are made of. Maybe some females but I've never been the dream of most guys.
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