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What a way to start off the new year.

PDI Update: Major work was done on the PDI site, but only in the design department. =( I've been working on that part alone for the past day and a half. I have got to get around to making the admin functions working completely along with the rest of the PDI pages.

Caleb Update: Caleb and I have a ... no, not a date, just hang out scheduled for this weekend. ^_~ We're not sure where we'll be going exactly but I'm looking forward to it.

Esther Update: She's at my brother's house now but she will be coming back Sunday morning by bus to get the rest of her stuff, and she'll be bringing my web cam with her (provided it has arrived by then). She'll also be getting either a copy of my key to my brother's house or the key itself if I can't get a copy of it made since the key is smaller then most key copiers carry.

There was lots of stuff I wanted to talk about all throughout the day but I can't think of any of them now. I'll just leave it off now and get this posted before New Years day is past.
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