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Event Precoverage

=\ Darn it. Albertsons didn't have Mulan OR Men In Black (the original). I guess I'll just have to go to Blockbuster for it later.

On a side note, I was stopped not once but twice on the way home from Albertsons. The first time was by a lady in the parking lot whose van sliding door was stuck open. >_> Sorry, but I didn't know squat about getting it working again. The second time was by Larry and a friend of his who were hanging out outside. That was... unusual to say the least. What kind of aura am I producing today? o.O

In other news, I cleaned my room early early this morning (midnight to 2am) by rearranging some things, dusting, and sweeping. It looks pretty darn organized now :-P

Now that I have all that taken care of I think I'll find a game to play and maybe some food to go along with it. ^_^
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