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Wednesday evening therapist/clogging update

First off, I had a great time tonight. Hanging out with Caleb is very nice, and not only that but I got to see [him] clogging.

At 3:30 my mom and I rushed off to the therapist appointment for four. We talked about the letter my dad wrote, them using my towel and washcloth (that's another story I'll tell if I feel like it or get enough requests to know), and, of course, about Caleb. Because her last clients were a little delayed, thus my meeting time started a little late, we stayed until 5:15 and will make up the last ten minutes at a later session.

A few minutes after we got back Caleb pulled up and I left with him to his clogging class. We didn't get there until almost 7 because it's in New Orleans (~45 mins from here) and we didn't leave until after 6. Anyway, I watched the people clog in the beginner class (that's the first one) and, well, it was very interesting. The movements they do with their feet require you to be fairly dexterous with your feet, which I'm not. When his intermediate class started I went into the room with him and watched from the sidelines. Some of the things they do are very easy, so long as you memorize the steps (literally, foot steps) and can do them with a ease of flow between the different ones. After watching the intermediate and team classes I've been thinking that once I get the basic foot movements mastered (which is likely to take some time) it should be fairly easy and quick for me to move on from there.

After we got back in town we stopped by McDs and ordered some food. We spent some more time talking about clogging, the movements, and some other little things.

To be candid about it, I'm not sure he's growing to like me in the way I do him. Sure, I could ask him directly however I'd rather not bug him about it or seem to be rushing things. If he's not that's okay and I understand. I'm enjoying time out with him anyway, even if it doesn't become something more. Much love to ya, Caleb. :-)

Oh, almost forgot. I'm going to see about rearranging my Wednesday evening class so I can join the beginner clogging class. When I asked my mom after getting home she made a deal about me getting a job to buy the shoes for it with, however when I went up there for a snack about 20 minutes later she had wrote a note on the board saying she talked with "daddy" and he said Ok. She was still there so I asked if this meant they would be paying for it and she said apparently so. Yeah, that's what I'm stunned about, because they're giving me minimal long-run hassle over it. >_>

And with that said, I'm going to lay in bed, read a little more "Rainbow Boys" by Alex Sanchez, and then go to sleep. I feel tired like I did many of the dances they did, except all I did was mentally follow along with them as they did most of the movements. >_>
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