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Caleb has posted another entry in his journal (which is somewhat rare as of recent) however I can not bring myself to post a comment... I know it'll be snide. I also have yet to read Daniele's latest journal entry. I've been keeping up with my own Friends page, though.

First day of school has come and gone, finally. I've been waiting for school to return for quite a while. Today, Tuesday, is my busiest day of the week when it comes to classes. I have three day classes and one evening class. I was tired all day, too. Pretty worn out and I've barely done anything. Adolescent Psychology is alright but College Algebra seems a drag while the basics are getting out of the way. Theatre 2025 is not what I expected; I had hoped it would be actual acting and plays but it's just exercises and a monologue. bleh.

hmm... that's good enough. I have some food getting cold here and some people I want to chat with.
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