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erm... What!?

My sister and brother just recommended something that seems a little weird. And utterly scary. *gulp*

(08:23:15) Esther: Hey russ r u up?
(08:23:26) Zimzat: yep
(08:25:31) Esther: Hey I have an idea for you. Well actually Jonathan thought of it.
(08:25:49) Zimzat: Oh?
(08:27:47) Esther: He said after I told him our escapades of yesterday, And he was cracking up that you should consider doing.......stand up comedy.
(08:28:32) Esther: THey don't laugh and barely smile but every thing they(you) say is haliours the way you say it.
(08:29:52) Zimzat: o.O Remind me what I was doing?
(08:32:28) Esther: Ok. first you told how your driving test went., then about the lady telling everything you had done wrong "oh by the way u passed", then you repeated what I had said about mom and dad celebrating that I was gone "thats possible but any way" so nonchantly but hairlouse.
(08:34:03) Zimzat: .... Perhaps you should. Cause what I said wasn't that funny.
(08:34:22) Esther: And some other stuff like driving the van. Your like w-h-a-t-t-e-v--e-r--
(08:36:28) Esther: No you have the material and the face to go with it. And Jonathan said YOU. not me. anyway its just a suggestion. maybe some time you might watch a comedian and listen to the material they use. Its every day stuff. Its just the way you word it and say it. THat is you.
(08:36:46) Zimzat: ..... riiight
(08:37:18) Zimzat: And how in the heck would I get started as a comedian? Or what would I do? It's not like there's a major demand for comedians.
(08:41:37) Esther: YOu have no Idea how rare a GOOD comedian is. All you have to do is maybe watch some people that every one loves(take a pole) a get a feel for it. Then write some material down or go off the top of your head what ever works for you and make a video. Send that video to Apollo and places around town. YOu can us Jonathan, me and some select friends to try it out on first. Jonathan has a camera. so does the drama teacher he might even give you pointers too.
(08:42:06) Esther: Make some money for hour of talking and makeing people crack up!
(08:46:29) Zimzat: .... Actor != Comedian && Teacher != Comedian && Introverted != Comedian ....
(08:47:39) Esther: WHAT? It would be cool. It is just a suggestion. If you hate it=forget it.
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