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Sample conversation of anti/pro gay marriage

"Let's try this from the other side of the fence and see if it makes any difference to you then."

"Try what?"

"I'm going to ban hetro marriage because I think it's wrong."

"But hetro marriage is right!"

"Who cares who thinks it's right or wrong, I'm just going to do it."

"You can't do that! The Bible says..."

"The Bible also says ... yet we don't do that today, do we? Not to mention that comes from the old testament, which we aren't suppose to follow anymore."

"But.. but..."

yeah... my arguement and steam got deflated about there. I know there's stuff in the bible that we don't follow today, but I can't remember them. oh well.

Who was this conversation with? No one. I just saw some stuff talking about gay marriage being wrong so I started up this dialoge with myself.
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