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Majorly confused and restless


You're bright and beautiful. You can move fast when the occasion demands it. Before you know it, you're coming to the rescue of someone in desperate need of your expertise. Even if the problem isn't generally in your department, you're the only one close enough to do anything about it. Needless to say, you do a better than average job. What seems confusing to others just seems so obvious to you. Imagine what would happen if you put all this extra brainpower into some effort about which you felt truly passionate. Nobody could stop you then.

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Call me Static Shock... you might as well. Almost every time I touch something I shock it -- and me.

This week feels like a toss salad -- Starting out separated in good shape but then everything jumbled together. I'm still perturbed by Caleb. With his latest entry I decided I don't want to have anything more to do with him. It just wouldn't work out.

I wrote this in class tonight:
"Ack!! >_< I'm gonna Die!
Nicholas and about half a dozen guys ranging from fairly to very cute are in my Monday night English II class.

Someone kill me... -_-'"

I have Nicholas Monday AND Tuesday night now, my only two night classes. Dang it.

Biology class has got me wanting to create a sentient computer life again. The stuff we started discussing today has kind of started laying down a road for me to follow while creating something like that. I'm really perplexed about this because it fascinates me so and seems so EASY and just within grasp, yet everyone I talk to about it acts like it's the hardest thing possible. Gah...

I have the mini-van and one tank of gas all to myself until Wednesday evening. I feel so... weird with the ability to drive -- by myself. I don't feel 17. I don't feel 21. I feel more like... 28. Especially driving a mini-van. I feel so separated from other people and myself with these sudden changes in internal views. =\

I know there was more I wanted to say but I can't remember it.

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