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Some random stuff

I need to get a paid account (even if only for two months) so I can fix some stuff in my journal layout. (specifically the counters at the bottom of the pages) It'd also be nice if I could get that image package long enough to upload a bunch of different Tombo icons.

I want to wring the neck of people who use things like "u", "r", "1", "?" and such in place of the proper form of "you", "are", "one", and "question" (especially if they do something like "any1"). It annoys me to no end at the carelessness of these people. Their lack of communication skills is appalling. So if I were a English teacher I would mark this sentence like so: srry to bother u and waste ur time like i have in the past few hours.i just wanna say i am sorry that i bothered u and i am srry i wasnt smart enough for u (6 strikes in two sentences -- and that's ignoring capitalization and punctuation errors!)

Darn you, Jo! While he was over Friday afternoon one of the things he brought with him was the DVDs to an anime called Fruits Basket. We watched the first four episodes of that and ever since then I've been hankering to see the rest of them. >_< Bad Jo! Very bad.

I'll post more random thoughts and rants later.
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