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At long last, thoughts...

It's been several days since I've last written a entry, and not much has happened in that time. But there is still a lot of stuff that happened before that. Let's see... *goes down a list of previously noted thoughts and details them*

I finally finished the book imthemolly bought for me to find out if I'm ready to find myself, although not before I read the original "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" as well. The book she recommended to me is "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah." I'm not sure what to think of it... truth or utter fiction? It would be very nice if it was true.

The other week Jo asked me if I wanted a CD/DVD burner he had but he wanted at least $50 for it, which I don't have. Come this week he said I would be getting $5 a day for the transportation I was giving him with school, which comes to $10 a week since he only has a Tuesday & Thursday schedule. Me, being modest and thinking that was too much for a simple 7-10 mile trip I was already making, offered him a deal. The deal we settled on was two months of rides for the burner.

I'm rather disgusted with my family, including the extended family. My family consists of bigots and prejudice people who think of nothing but themselves. I saw a forwarded letter from one of my relatives up north to my parents talking about the "right" wording for a constitutional amendment being "no marriage in any form, even civil union" .... argh. I wrote him back a nice little letter letting out my frustration and issues with it. That was two days ago and I haven't gotten a response back yet.

Have I ever mentioned I hate the Trix cereal commercials? They have a rabbit for their mascot yet they won't let it have any of the food. What the heck is up with that?!? It's like he can't have any based on the unrelated fact he's a rabbit. Isn't that like racism or something?? And we're telling kids it's alright to do that! I get annoyed every time I see one of those commercials.

I'm having some issues with school, among other things.

The thing with school is I'm not retaining any of the information. I sit in class, taking notes the entire time, and when I walk out of the class I realize I don't remember a single thing of importance said in the class. I'm like "err... what the heck did we just talk about?" Gah... It's frustrating as well because I have almost all the tests or work due piling into this coming week. Too much work for as little energy and focus as it feels I have right now.

As for the other things, such as PDI, my site, and such... no go there either. I've at times opened up the tools with the full intent of getting some work done then start working and realize "I so don't feel like doing this." I would then close the program and sit here blankly at the screen bored.

Valentine's Day weekend I'll be going up to see my brother. His birthday is on the 12th but we wouldn't be able to make it up for that time. So far the plans are to leave Thursday as soon as my last class ends and if I'm going alone I'll be stopping by my Ex's place, spending the night, and getting to my brother's house Friday or Saturday morning but if my parents (or anyone else in my family) will be coming then I'll visit my Ex on Friday and go back to his house on Saturday morning.

Yes, I'll be visiting my ex, Casey. Is that really a good idea, especially on a Valentine's Day weekend? Possibly not. But I think it'll probably be good over all and in the end it may be the best thing to happen.

My internet is still playing the shizzle with me. Randomly dropping me for no reason. It may be something on my computer but I highly doubt it. When I check the DSL and router they're both fine. I need to keep my parent's computer on so that next time it does down for me I can check their computer at the same time. If we're both out then I will know it is the ISP.

I've been playing the WarCraft III campaigns lately, although rather annoyingly since my 3D card loves to freeze the computer. But anyway, after the first three chapters I started cheating (God mode and unlimited mana being my preferred cheats) so I could hurry up the story and get done with the tedious economical side of the game. It's a pretty good story with lots of little twists. I wanted to wretch the neck of several of the heroes as they did stupid things like betray their own people, act selfishly, or refute their own blood. Stupid stupid people.

You know that pocket of warmth you create at night under the covers? (I stole that thought from crotalus_atrox) Well, it's too big for one person. On the other hand, it would snuggly fit two people... catch my drift? haha

Hmm... I think that is all I have to write about for now. Until some other time, of which I know not, I will return with more thought-filled words.

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