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Outtakes from this day and weekend

So now the question is... what the heck am I doing?

To-do: Get book for history from store and read it before next week. Also study history notes for tonight in case the test is tonight.

Luke was messing around a bit earlier. It started out by asking if I wanted to sit on Santa's lap (his) ... it went wacky from there. That boy... ha.

Anyway, it turns out we had our adolescent psychology test today even thought I'm 99% sure she said it would be Thursday. I made a 79% on that, surprisingly. I suppose it's cause it's dealing with psychology and logic so it wasn't that hard for me to figure out what was supposed to be where. Erm, I'm rambling as I'm watching people enter and leave classes, and getting distracted by the guys, sadly.

... Yes, I'm typing without looking at the keyboard or monitor. I'm actually looking at Jo's back and computer screen right now. Doing this drives my sister crazy when she talks to me or I respond and I'm still typing away on the computer. heheheh

Let's see... I have Theatre: Intro to Acting in an hour and I'm supposed to give a "Action with Three Obstacles" performance. The hitch to that is I don't have anything in mind, yet.

I'm talking to Casey right now (my ex) and from the looks of it he won't be moved out of his grandparents house by this weekend, therefore no meeting. *sigh* I kind of figured it would be too good to be true, but what's a guy like me to do but hope for the impossible. Stop hoping? Sounds reasonable, if only it were that easy.

I need to find something to occupy myself with while around here. Like... coding I suppose? I could do that from here. Or working on the skit. Yeah.

The security options on these computers have me tempted to break them. Completely and utterly annihilate them.
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