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Friend deletion concern

I'm getting deleted by people and this concerns me.

First imthemolly deleted me. I tried to get in touch with her as to why but no return. Now deathvamp, cloudfett, and sominexsleeper deleted me. I can understand why deathvamp might delete me but as for the others it doesn't make a lot of sense.

As for the deal with deathvamp, he thinks I'm a snob on a "mighter than thou" streak because I told him the armed forces isn't for him. I've known him for over a year now and the only reason he says he's going into it is to prove people wrong and make something of himself that he can snub in their faces. Yeah, that's definately not the reason to do something. I've learned that the hard way myself.

... imthemolly is his older sister, by about twice his age.

Why do I cut almost all of my entries? Do people actually appreciate it or do I do it just so people won't have to read everything I talk about? hmm...

[Edit: erm, there went klgaffney as well :( ]
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