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Dream-story [to do]

The real world is an illusion, and it has just been made into a game.

People have learned that the real world is just an illusion and one gaming company has moved to take advantage of this -- by overlapping a life-sized game world.

Many people are skeptical of this but they carry out the idea. At first nothing bad happens as all game mechanics are instructed to leave "real world" items alone.

Suddenly one night the game session of one rogue goes horribly wrong; clay golems start spawning everywhere and are too powerful to be killed by one simple rogue. Even help is running for their lives as the golems continue spawning into a massive army.

Everyone seeks refuge in their houses but, as is very quickly found out, these golems are not obeying the rules and can attack even people's houses. The night wages on as people flee for their lives and the rogue comes up with a plan to get out of it alive.

What will happen next? We may only know if I ever start writing.
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