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Hyper update, in less than 24 hours

To be quite frank, I'm overwhelmed right now.

Yesterday I finally filled out the job application for Starlite Cafe and took that in. While I was out I dropped some books off at the library (saw Nicholas, of course), picked up an application for Big Lots! and The Dollar Tree, stopped by Blockbuster to see if they were hiring and ran into Cody who is working there now, and finally drove by Scott's house to find some unusual vehicles there.

Upon returning home I called Scott, who has been majorly busy with his tech college & band and says will drop by some time soon, and also called Casey for a little bit.

Once I was done there I hopped online and IMed about a dozen people including Travis. That resulted in an hour conversation on the phone with us being stupid.

And so today I just finished filling out all three job applications (had one for Winn-Dixie sitting around). As soon as I drop those off I'll have applied for a job at the library, Blockbuster, Albertsons, Winn-Dixie, Wonder Cuts, Big Lots!, and The Dollar Tree.

Today? Hmm... working on PDI right now. Filling out the links section finally. After that (or during if I take a break from it) I'll be working on the Merchandise page.

Wooo..... >_>
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