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hmm, where to start?

... ok, last night I wasn't at home. That is all.

Ha! Not

It's about time I get around to writing this entry. I'm doing it while waiting for the next comics of Dominic Deegan to load (and squeeling at lots of good little parts, haha).

My dad is behind me working on the bathroom floor. Hopefully very soon I'll have four solid walls in here again. It is quite a racket though, with the sawing and such.

As for last night, stuff happened. Around 8pm I talked to Chris for a while online. At about 9pm we decided to meet up at Jack in the Box and hang out. After telling my mom where I was going (yes, I did. Surprising, no?) I drove out there and we had a little meal over some more chat.

After we finished our food we decided to get out of there and hang out at his place. (He has a spiffy little two bedroom apartment) We played a game called Phase 10, watched TV, chatting, and of course drama ensued.

Chris's roommate came home utterly wasted. I thought it was kind of funny at first because I've never seen anyone wasted (except the movies). But, ahh... Some guy named Corey was the one that brought him home. He stayed a little while and chatted until things started clearing out.

It was like 3am around this time and I was fairly tired. I probably could've made it home fine but was like "I don't have anything going on tomorrow so I'll just stay here." Of course I only got about three hours of sleep before Chris had to leave for work at 8am. Oh well, such are things.

:) Overall I had a pretty good time.
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