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Gushing all over the place

I've been thinking about my last time with Chris, and, well, it was something else.

One of the places we went was the levee (aka the banks of the river for those of you who don't know what they are) and sitting on some of the light lamps were beads. Chris missed them the first time we passed them but when he noticed them the second time by he decided that since he wasn't going to be able to make it to New Orleans for the festivities he would get some beads there. He grabs several of different colors and puts them on. I thought that was all he would get but he grabbed some more of different colors. That groups of beads he put on me. *gushes*

erm, anyway, we also went to the movies and saw "Along Came Polly" which was sooo thought-provoking and kind of spoke to me. Yeah... *gushes some more*

ahem, There's more stuff I want to talk about but right now I want to lay in bed, watch Mulan, and fall asleep.

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