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Brilliant Idea: Matter Transfer

A quick sum of what I think before I have to go doing other things.

We all know that all matter is made up of atoms, no? Well, I got to thinking that if you could take the atoms in one object, memorize where they are in it, then turn them all into something simple like light, for example, then transfer that light from one place to another we could very easily turn an object into one build of atom, move it with the "DNA/RNA" as a "header" (like an email), then recombine it elsewhere.

Aww, come on, it's not that bad of a thought. Sure, it would take a lot of energy to move even a small object from one place to another but the idea isn't supposed to be efficient, just applicable.

... =\ On the other hand, why am I bothering coming up with these ideas? There are people out there far more knowledgable on the subjects and have the authority & power to actually put them into effect.

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