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A new shiny and more saturday details

I was touring the LiveJournal site again, as I do when I'm bored and looking at what new features I don't have because I'm a free user, and eyed the Post By E-mail option next to the Post By Phone option. I've already looked at the Post By Phone option before as I learned about it when youcreateworlds started using it so heavily and I couldn't find a good explanation of what the Transcribe link was. (Sadly, that didn't turn out so well because the post I transcribed had over 800 words in 4 minutes, which it didn't like so I had to post it as a regular comment).

ANYWAY! Back to the Post By E-mail feature. I got to touring it and quickly learned you can't do it unless you're a paid account. I was ready to move on however in the interest of being able to know all the nitty gritty details of things I read on about it. One of its options is to post by PIN number, or by PGP/GPG. I noticed that that option was not limited to paid members so I created a public key and earned myself a gold key in my user info (next to my username).

Saturday started off with me just visiting his house and us commenting to a show on TV (Star Search, if I recall). About ten minutes after I get there someone calls and starts some major drama, including being on their way to him. He did not want to be there when they got there so we decided to head out. We headed to the theater but the next movie wasn't starting for at least an hour so we headed to the levee.

I gave some of the details about the levee but not all of them. At one part we were sitting and talking next to the river on the levee when this guy walks in front of us and starts going on about his problems, homeless, stuff wet, been trying to get a job, needed a ociar card, etc and of course wanted some spare money. I didn't have any money and Chris said he didn't have any on him either so the guy thanked us and left (Not that I was feeling generous. He was smoking, after all, and could've used money from that toward other things)

Umm, that's all for now. More thoughts later, when I have them again. =)
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