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Philosophy of "Free"

Free Will: Do we really have it?
Put simply, no we don't. Everything we do is influenced and decided by those around us. Our morals and beliefs are those of our parents, peers, and environment. Nothing is truly our own.

Why did you make that decision to have beef and peas last night? Was it because you felt like it, or because your parents, friends, or someone in your past liked it? Maybe it was a new dish at a restaurant. The reason you had it isn't because you wanted to, it is because those around you always said to try new things.

Try to think of any decision you've ever made. Now trace it back to where you might have gotten advice from and decide if you made the decision or if what someone else thought made it. I can guarantee you it will be a combination of what other people think that made the decision.

What decides who gets what say over your life? How much value they have. If you've spent your entire life with no one but your parents then your parents would have ultimate say in your life, even after they're gone. Their beliefs and opinions shape yours. If you spent most of your life with your peers then yes, you're going to be shaped by what they say.

This is why it is encouraged to get out and have a social life. A human in solitude their entire life, from birth to death, won't change a single thing. It takes change to make change.

By birth we are open minded to all. Any thing we close our mind to is learned from those around us.

Freedom: What is it?
It's the ability to change your person without having to ask consent of anyone else. Freedom is not being allowed to do something. You shouldn't have to be given any right.

The freedom that Bush and other such Republicans say we have or should protect is hypocrisy. "Traditional Marriage" isn't freedom, it's repression and restriction.

My steam went through a loop just thinking about the stupidity of "traditional marriage".

Until next time.
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