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TV schedule and free time

Tonight's viewing schedule:
8, Hack
9, The District
10, She Spies
11, Angel
12, The West Wing or The Terminator
1, The Practice or The Terminator
2, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

I think that's about as late as I'll stay up. Also note that I may skip programs to do other things, like play a game on the computer or do more coding.

Also, my dad thinks I have all the free time in the world so he thinks I should go into business with him. ... He also mentioned disconnecting the internet to save on expenses. Well yeah, if you disconnect the internet of course I'm going to have all the free time in the world because then I won't be able to do the work I do now.

hmph... he thinks I don't work. yeah, right.

Which reminds me, I've been making a file manager for the PDI site. Have I ever mentioned how I do almost everything from scratch? >_>
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