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Conversation with myself

  • meh... Shouldn't you be at school?
  • Why yes, I should.
  • Then why aren't you?
  • Cause I didn't feel like sitting there for over an hour not really doing anything.
  • .... Why don't you feel like it? Usually you don't have any problem.
  • The other night I was thinking about being bold and just going up to a guy and asking if he wanted to go on a date. Today I watch the guys and I'm cowering.
  • Dude, cut that out. So what if it's heartbreaking. That's no reason to break down and curl up in a ball.
  • ... Yes it is. Suddenly things are changing and I can't seem to go with them.
  • Stop that. I don't care if you're only 17. You can still keep up with the best of them if you actually tried. You're wimping out before you've even put your foot foward. That's no way for a mature responsible adult to act!
  • I don't care about being a mature adult! I just want to be secure. Why can't I get that?!
  • ... Mercy.
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