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This is what happens when you neglect things

I haven't written anything personal in my journal for some time. I'm feeling a bit expressive right now (may be because I'm talking to someone new; evilfireboy) so I'll start this entry now. No promises on how complete it will be.

I've taken up the notion of getting more web work. While this may sound insane for a normal person to be taking on more work when they don't have one project done, I think otherwise. I think it will give me more variety in work and allow me to put in a full load.

Two days later...

Oopsie. I didn't mean to do that. It seems I got distracted and didn't get back to this until today. Sowwy.

I've had to skip a few episodes but I just finished watching the 3x09 episode (3rd season, 9th episode) of Voyager. The doctor has Finally gotten his portable holo-emitter that I've been waiting on for what seems like forever.

I ordered several books from the Science Fiction Book Club about a month ago and, after a complication of some sort, some of them are finally here. They did get a extra book in the mix that I didn't order however after I called them they said I could keep it compliments of them. :-)

I was talking to evilfireboy a few minutes ago and I blurted out a random tidbit of information I realized. Some of you may know how I'm attracted to "awkward" people but what I realized is it is more than that. I realized that what I'm sensing is more like a spark, or even soul, behind the person. It's like I can see their inner self. I don't know why or how but one of the things I noticed is I can't see one in myself.

Cuddling. I just couldn't go long without bringing it up again. *sigh* I want it. Yes, I do. Over the last month I've noticed some things that make me want it and companionship even more pressingly. Little things like the desire for warmth in bed or the possibility of sharing special moments together. To do things together. ......

Thursday I bought two months of paid service with LiveJournal. I fixed the counter on my pages and I'm going to see about making that mood theme Scix suggested I make. I also plan on putting up some more picture icons although I haven't decided quite what yet. I want to make a few changes to my layout to make it easier to read and what-not. If I can get a certain amount of control over the S2 use I may start using that instead.

I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning on my computer. Deleting old files in my web directory and organizing some of the files that have gotten stored in "temp" folders until I could do something proper with them.

So far my classes are turning out very well. On my last history test I made a 90 (64 out of 70 on the test and 26 out of 30 on the book report) and in psychology I've made a 84 and 92. As far as theatre goes, it's still a fun little class. In fact, we have a performance to give this week and, as usual, I haven't prepared anything. Ahh, well, I'm sure I'll do fine.

A guy I knew a long time ago has resurfaced. dante_sensei is the Kyle I mentioned in this entry almost a year ago now. I was browsing the directory of LiveJournal when I came across him first but for some reason I'm very defensive about it. I left a comment on a couple of other people's journals and at the same time saw his comments. It was inevitable and now our areas of influence seem to be overlapping again. I can only hope this turns out to be pleasant in the end.

Well, that was odd. I just synced my Friends list and it seems youcreateworlds just deleted me from his list. Weird. I'm curious as to why.

I think that's enough for now. If I make this entry too much longer no one will read it.

Hey, anyone want to hang out some time soon?

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