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Interesting tidbit about me

dante_senseiKyle: Well... what do you think about you keeps you isolated?
zimzatRussell: I don't have much interest in things that everyone I have met does. I don't really care what music artist made what song. I don't memorize movies or actors and I can't recognize most actors by their name. I have an interest in computers and programming but I'm not a die-hard geek. I don't care much about going to clubs and I don't want to drink, smoke, or do drugs.
zimzatRussell: I often feel restrained due to the possibility of screwing things up and offending someone.
dante_senseiKyle: No offense, but you're the epitome of the anti-gay gay man. *nodnod*
dante_senseiKyle: You're not obsessed with Hollywood, you don't have many vices, and you're a nice guy.
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