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First off, I don't really have Multiple Personality Disorder... I just used that to describe what parts of my personality were doing. It's interesting to watch... really. I'm not a mental case, as much as it might seem like it.

In adolescent psychology today we were talking different 'self' ideas, like actual, ideal, and feared self. I was thinking about that so I decided to define those for myself.

Actual self:Insecure, inexperienced, introverted, laid back, anxious, concise, etc
Ideal self:Smart, friendly, extroverted, respected, secure, happy, etc
Feared self:Fat, ugly, stupid, biased, scared, fake, etc

Also, I've opened the web design and hosting site officially now. It's a little skinny and could use some more content but it's decent enough for the time being. I'll be posting the fliers for it around the campus when I come back tonight.

That's enough for now, I suppose. Only fifteen minutes until class starts anyway. Chow.
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