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Dream-story [to do]

Wow... screw the other dreams, this one was crazy on its own but it was also the continuation of a book I'm reading. ("Empire from the Ashes" by David Weber, a trilogy)

Colin has begun reorganizing Earth into gearing up for the future, which means a quantum leap in Earth's technology and methods.

They have researched a new scanner that would allow them to detect things further and sooner than any of their previous scanner technologies. Colin orders it to be built and then he begins to explore the stars only to have everything flipped on its head, again.

For just a moment he travels to a alternative dimension where the Earth is bustling with an odd sort of combination. Early 20th century gas guzzlers, early 21st centry roads and buildings, and oblivious people.

His first encounter with the locals is startling; a man claims to be a garage and jogs around saying things about the garage. Then Colin is abruptly pulled back from the alternative dimension.

blah blah blah... *needs to get in the shower so does a memory key word list* scanner being turned operational caused rift in dimensions. Colin was at the spot the scanner was scanning, thus why he was pulled through. As soon as scanner's "unusual" readings were confimed and told to continue scanning he was pulled back.

Colin has the scanner go back to the original coordinates as he goes back there was well. On this visit two humans were claiming to be garages and acting accordingly. He meets a omnipotent guy who takes care of the world there. "I have no time for you. Look what you've done! Two garages were turned into humans, blah blah blah"

That's where I woke up the third second time...
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