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Early morning post

It isn't even 9 am yet and here I am sitting in the computer lab of the college. Why? My mom told me the bank was open this early so I left for it and when I started to pull in it was completely vacant. Not a single vehicle was in the parking lot, front or back. So... I drove through the city park and then headed on to school cause I didn't want to go back home (I may not have gotten back out again)

Anyway... The bad news is the "Portable Things" CD I made doesn't work quite like I would've prefered... The computers here have some mysterious "Removable Drive" as the D: drive and the CD is the E: drive. Despite my home computer having a similar configuration I assumed the computers here had the CD as D:, and configured the software on it as such. Some of it works and some of it doesn't. The thing that specifically doesn't work is Mavis Beacon so I can't practice the Dvorak keyboard while here. Not like I can change the keyboard config here anyway. -.-'

Something I've been failing to mention is that Jo is no longer getting rides with me because he's out of town. To be more specific, he's in a out-of-state jail for the next two years. bleh... *shrugs*

Last week in theatre I was supposed to do a skit about mimicking the personality of someone else and portray them destroying something. I didn't have a clue so on both days I had to skip. Monday night dante_sensei suggested I do Celine Dion breaking a little girl's heart, since that's what he said she is being portrayed as. Come Tuesday morning I hadn't come up with anything better so I started developing that idea. I had my performance delayed until the end of class so I could develop it just a little bit more and that's what did.

Up next, there's a class in here right now and I'm being distracted by them. *sigh* I'm lonely...

Oh, some good news I suppose. The turn out on my poll was abysmal. Support to actually do it was fairly lacking although most supported learning both if I decided to learn the Dvorak keyboard. There was even a vote by someone I don't know (rimspace) although I'm speculating they found me via shadesfox. *shrugs* That's okay.

What to do, what to do... =\ bored. I guess I could start up a game or something. Later. Class time.
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