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Theatre class and, oooo, socializing

Oh man, that was so fun. Today in theatre we did some more endowment exercises.

The first one was with a empty styrofoam cup again, except this time we weren't just simply drinking it, we were having a conversation with someone while drinking. For me I chose Cranberry & Raspberry for my drink. When the exercise started we were seeded with a conversation topic of "Yellow Balloons." We ended up talking about how our daughters loved the yellow balloons and our sons would pop them. Her son loved the blue balloons and she invited my kids to her daughter's birthday party in a week. Just before the exercise ended I was saying how my son liked green balloons. heheheh... very fun.

The second exercise we again had partners in a A and B. The A person would pick up a object and pretend it was something else. I was B and my partner was A so she started off with a wire whisk and pretended it was a mike. She was on a TV show "pleased" to have Eminim with us. Now this was shocking to me because I do not like the guy for two reasons. The first one is he Raps and I don't like rap (especially his) and the second is that he is a homophobe and I am a homosexual. See problems? Anyway, I did this whole swinging my arms out in a gangster way and going "Yo yo yo!" blah blah blah... fast forward to the switch. After a few moments we had to switch and I would endow the object as something totally different. When I got the object I was like "uhh" for a moment then it hit me. I held the whisk between my legs and giddied up like a horse. ^^ I proceded to gallop around the room while she begged to ride it with me and I tried to keep it away. After a few moments of that I started to cave and said "Alright." which concluded the exercise for us.

:-) Ahh, a day in the life of my theatre class.

Oh, that reminds me. The group of people I was talking with between classes was talking about their penis length compared to where their belly button is so I decided to take that time to wander off and talk to another person I just started talking to the other day, who happened to be sitting next to someone I had considered. heheh, you know I planned that xD ahh... *shrugs* Heavy smoker, but interesting conversationalist regardless.

Look ma, I'm getting a social life despite you. Wheee!
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