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Hello [again]

[Edit: It seems LiveJournal is screwing up on me right now as well. -_-' For some reason this double posted itself on my Friends page but when I went to delete it it spat out some error. Turns out it really did delete it. Both of them.

Sorry dlaozset :( I didn't mean to delete the entry, much less your comment.]

Where are you?

It appears I'm on a blacklist of some sort. I've gotten extremely few IMs or comments lately. Have I reverted to my LJ infancy?

People around me are doing things called life. Like "life crisis," "having a life," or such. Me? I'm sitting at home, alone for the most part, waiting for Tuesday where I'll spend a few meager hours with "friends." Why do I say it like that? Cause when they hang out their conversations revolve around drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and of course sex. In fact, Thursday the entire group (including the females, somehow) compared their penis sizes to where their belly button is. Umm, yeah. ... Wait, didn't I mention that already? I think I did. Anyway, all of those topics are things I'm not familiar with nor want to be familiar with. So basically I'm on the outside of the loop. Of everything.

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