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For anyone wondering...

No, I don't have a journal code.
No, I won't have meaningless sex with you.
No, I won't pose in spandex for your new comic. (whatever... haha)
No, I'm not interested in being in any wrestling matchs, even if you pay me fifty bucks.

Yes, I'm single.
Yes, I'm looking.
Yes, you can send me an e-mail if you're near my age.

No, near does not mean twenty or even five years older then me.

That answer it all for you? Good.
If not just say so and I'll start making a new list O=)

[added] oh yeah, and No, I don't want to see your 'hot' boobs on your cam or webpage. Get lost you freaks. (didn't even bother to see I'm SIXTEEN and GAY. geez...)
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