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A touching dream of some importance.

I think some of us may remember me mentioning Jo. Yesterday the theatre teacher told me he received a letter on tatters on papers from Jo that he wants read to the class so the theatre teacher is going to get a copy of it instead.

I woke up about 4:30 this morning, piddled on the computer for half an hour, then went back to bed. Well, after I went back to sleep I dreamed. I want to write this dream down so I don't forget it, it's just that .... touching.

In my dream Jo was finally out of prison and was staying with me at my house. We hugged once when he first entered then I showed him to his room. (My house not being with my parents but with my sister) We had set him up with a room in the back of the place and let him get set up. After some stupid dream antics (I could tell those weren't part of the story, just stupid things to amuse myself with (You do not gulf down cake with a single hand)) I was starting to retire for the day.

I decided to stop by Jo's room because something was concerning me. I knocked on his door and when he answered he was shaking. He told me how I have no idea how that hug felt or all the things he went through in prison. He pulled me over to his bed and we sat on it while he talked in a sort of 'I need to get this off my chest' way. He told me how prison was nothing like he had expected. Rambling something about beatings, doctor's not helping, and some other stuff.

I woke up just as I was holding him while he shook...

......... :-(

I'm going to talk to the theatre teacher today to see if I can get an advanced copy of Jo's letter.

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