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Fedora Core "2" Jaunt

I hate Fedora Core "2" now. (It's actually something like Fedora Core 1.91 according to the version information I saw while it was installing) You wanna know why? It's a piece of dirt.

The install went fine, despite the fact it took over two hours to install 2.5GB of stuff or that quite a bit of it I'm sure I told it not to install (like the printer service). So anyway, I finally get it "up and running" to where I have things configured and I am in the graphical interface, when things just go downhill.

For starters, the sound card wouldn't work. It just wouldn't work no matter what I tried. I tried to run the sound config program but nothing came up. Okay, I can deal without sound, for now.

I proceded to check out the auto-update utility. 300 updates (wow, what an even number) waiting to be installed. Okay, no problem. I figured it would have a lot of updates to perform anyway. So I tell it to run the "up2date" program. It then askes me for my admin password because, of course, it needs to write to the system and all that other good stuff. I give it the password and wait... and wait... opps, it just crashed because it couldn't play a frickin SOUND. Lovely. So over the next few minutes I keep trying to get it to run and finally it askes me if I want to bypass the sound thing. Good! I say yes, and wait. and wait... Nothing happens. So I try again, and nothing happens. So I give up on the thing and try doing other things.

I'm now pretty well steamed so I decide to do some internet exploring. I click on the handy little "Internet Browser" shortcut and, lo and behold, a error pops up telling me I don't have Mozilla installed. No Duh! I told it not to install Mozilla because I planned on installing FireFox later anyway. So I go manually run Konqueror and figure I'll check my journal. I go to the front page and, well, all the form buttons are extremely large. Like the login part of the top of the page takes up about 25% of the window width, and they have like ten pixels of padding on all sides of each textbox. Very nice. But I chalk that up to some settings that need adjusting and I continue on. Needless to say, browsing the internet had to be the least complicated thing I did.

This entire time I'm working with the desktop system and I'm really getting annoyed. It takes the system forever to realize I just resized or moved a window, and when I click it takes a while for it to register that click as well.

It's just very annoying and I didn't feel like spending my day babysitting the system so I tried to play game. Nice things, those games are. I loaded up a classic I used to like in Mandrake called Chronium (or something like that) well.... It took like one second to advance the screen by one frame. Okay, no big deal, it'll just take me a moment to exit the program. Ahh, finally it realized I told it to exit. No, maybe it didn't. What's this? A blinking D on the screen? Aww, darn, and I can't get back into the basic system again cause it's stuck. Fine, I hit the power switch and go back to Windows.

And thus ends my very bad jaunt into Fedora Core "2"

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