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Thursday's Schedule

I meant to post this this morning but I was working on the Gatsby paper so I let it slide. The guy left a few minutes ago so I'm not as distracted and now I'm simply procrastinating work on the paper.

Once I get this paper and the monologue done I hope I'll be able to spend some quality time with the PDI site this afternoon. If I have to I'll scrap together a simple crude page for Scix to upload the comics with. I hope to get that done by seven o'clock tonight.

At about seven I'm going to get ready for Matt's performance tonight. I'm very excited about this, and I'm looking forward to the weekend with him. I'll be leaving about 7:15 with my parents (my mom decided they wanted to see the procussion performance as well) and the upper limit of how long it'll last is about two hours.

Which reminds me, I need to get that thing for Matt before going home after acting class. Then once I get home I need to print out that other thing. ^_^ Yep, I'm being cryptic because it's a secret. It's not very big secret, but it's something to me and I hope Matt appreciates it.

I've already posted about the weekend plans as a protected entry so I'll skip mentioning them in any more detail here.

Man, my weekend is full... Programming work on the game is getting pushed back pretty far, and I may have to change the release date by a few days, and not for the good. =x

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