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Someone, Please, Spare ME!

Why must everyone Try to get on my nerves? Many of the people I play with in a game have acted like nothing but IDIOTS, the people I usually talk to have either ignored me or have continued to press in depressing matters, as if I should WANT to think about those things. Not to mention I stepped on the cat when walking through the dark hallway to my room. As if I can see in the dark!

I... If I could strangle them I would! Someone has got to kill them all. You can start with Shelley (sorry will) and end with Anna. Inbetween you can also send my sister, my parents, and Tyler to the other side.

Yes, screw them all. I don't give a hoot anymore. Just take this pain... this ache... this life away from me. Something has to change.

I'm going out now.
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