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Chat transcript with tech support of Fuitadnet. (DIE!!!)

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Patricia'
Patricia: Hello! Welcome To FuitadNET Live Support. How may I help you today?
Zimzat: Our hosting bill is due tomorrow but we don't have the full amount due. Is it possible to only pay for a single month right now?
Patricia: One moment please.
Zimzat: Ok, thanks.
Patricia: I'm sorry but once the invoice is generated, we aren't able to change the billing options for this billing cycle.
Zimzat: >.< darn it.
Patricia: You can try to put a ticket in through and we'll pass it to Pierre, but you might have to wait for an answer.
Zimzat: One more question (possibly two), will I have time to deposit a little more in my bank to pay it or will it be turned off at midnight tonight?
Patricia: You've got 10 days grace from the invoice date to pay the bill.
Zimzat: ahem, that doesn't exactly answer my question.
Zimzat: I need to know when precisely it will be shut off for failure to pay.
Patricia: Are you paying by credit card? or invoice?
Zimzat: PayPal
Patricia: Your invoice has been generated and sent out. You have 10 days to pay from the invoice date before your account is shut off
Zimzat: Ok, today is the 22nd. Tomorrow is the 23rd. It is due the 23rd. I would like to know at what time on the 23rd it will be shut off.
Zimzat: If I have enough time I can drop by the bank, deposit a little more money, and pay the bill. But if it gets cut off tonight at midnight then... bleh.
Patricia: If you will pay the bill by tomorrow, then we'll add a note to the account saying so and the billing manager should give you an extra days grace. We can't guarantee this, but account cancellations usually happen between 10 a.m. and noon. He should get to it tomorrow, not tonight.
Zimzat: Yes, I'll be paying the bill first thing tomorrow after the bank opens.
Zimzat: Thanks for your assistance.
Patricia: Okay, we'll add the note to your account, and hopefully you should be okay.
Patricia: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Zimzat: Nope, that's it. Thanks.
Patricia: Alright, I wish you a great day and thank you for using FuitadNET for your webhosting needs! :).

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