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Open letter to an advice columnist

I was reading over the advice letters at PlanetOut and I have been thinking about submitting one of my own when I decided to go ahead and start that now. I'm not sure if I really will send it in, seeing how long it has turned out so far, but this is what I have and I'm wondering if anyone would like to provide some feedback on it.


Dear Betty,

I'm not sure that I'm asking any specific questions but more for general advice. The best place for me to start is to describe my situation.

I'm an openly gay male who has been going to college for nearly two semesters now and I'm still two months until my 18th birthday. I live in a small town about half an hour outside the capital of Louisiana, which, all things considered, doesn't have a lot of social activities. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or even curse. Overall I'm a fairly conservative person, but I don't have a problem with people who do those things.

During my younger years I was in and out of public and home school, staying in each one less and less each time I transferred. This continued until I was nearly two years behind in high school and family issues pushed me to get a GED so everyone would stop bugging me about doing my school work. Through all this I was still a very good student, with grades ranging from a single C to lots of As.

My parents aren't supportive of my life, as they are very strict Christians. One of their favorite lines, which I find hypocritical since what I do is who I am, is "We love you, we just don't like what you do." They say they don't have a problem with me going out and having friends but they always act very suspicious no matter what gender of people I'm hanging out with.

After realizing I'm gay around the age of 13, the desire to have companionship really kicked in. Since then I've only had one boyfriend and encounters with a couple of other guys. I've never had anal sex and probably never will, although that doesn't seem to be a problem for me because I'm not a very sexual person. Another thing I've found out is that my body is not very sensitive either.

What frustrates me the most is a lack of people to hang out with. One major problem with trying to do anything around here is that I lack the money and my parents are always saying, "We can't afford it" when I ask for things beyond my basic needs. Even when I am in social situations I freeze up and can't bring myself to meet new people. I do fine when other people approach me, although that is rare because, as one friend said, I seem like the stereotypical stuck-up geek.

To be continued...?

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