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Agenda items

  • Passed up 666 entries 17 entries ago. darn it.
  • They're working on the water lines down the street so the water is dirty and very slow flowing. Now I can't take a shower or flush the toilet. ugh.
  • I still have to write five journal entries for acting class, and have them all done by half past noon. dang it.
  • I still haven't read "Player Piano" and I need to do a report on it by next Tuesday. blah.

I'm ready for this semester to be over and school to be out, but at the same time I'm not really looking forward to my summer. Until I turn 18 I won't have much of anything to do except spend long hours in my room sitting at the computer. It sucks to be me and it sucks to live here and when added together makes it even worse.

Casey, my ex-boyfriend, has invited me to live with him after I turn 18. I'm seriously tempted to take him up on the offer and, unless something happens between now and then, I probably will. >_>

I didn't... now what was I going to ... ah ha. I didn't get the slash written yesterday but I did select a nice couple to work with. I'll be doing an experienced couple this time with a background. heheheheh

I want to write about some more stuff but I'm coming up blank here. Oh well...

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