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I was originally going to make this entry all about my life and thoughts on the future after I turn 18. That's taken a bit of a turn because I've kind of decided on a course of action, but you're welcome to give me feedback, advice, or suggestions.

So, I turn 18 on the 6th of July in the year 2004. My first goal is to move out of my parent's house. This will be a pretty big step because my parents have not provided me with any support once I'm out of their house. Due to that, I'll have to provide everything myself. I'm estimating approximately $800 a month or 34 hours a week at $6 an hour to cover everything unless I were to get someone to split the cost of rent, then only $550-600 a month or 23-25 hours a week at $6 an hour. The latter would most obviously be the prefered choice of action.

Once I turn 18 I'll probably spend the next month or two still in my parent's house while I get a job and my money together. During which time I'll see about getting a vehicle of my own and begin scouting for a place of my own.

Obviously I won't be able to go to college this fall unless some form of financial aid pans out. This is unlikely as my parents are so reluctant to pay for anything and I'm not really sure about anything else.

Ehh... I'm too sleepy to continue on tonight. If you have any questions, leave them here and I'll get back to them as soon as possible.
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