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Meds... where'd I leave those meds? ... right, I don't have meds.

Anyway, I went to my interview. People that filled out the application over the internet had to fill it out again on paper but we got interviewed first. I was the second one that was interviewed.

The interview went nicely. He wanted to know if my parents worked, how I would get to work, about the first job on the list (PDI), the reason I left the theater, if I handled money while at the theater, and what handling the money was like.

Basically he said that due to my experience with handling money he was going to set me up with an interview for one of their better positions; Admissions. (Whee!!!) I've been set up for another interview with the head of admissions tomorrow at 4:15pm. I caught a glimps of the interview review sheet and it had a big A+ on it.

Before/After my interview I got talked into giving another guy who was there a ride. He was there on his bike and he lived several miles away so... yeah. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for his interview to be done before we could leave. I dropped him off at a gas station and gave him my phone number so I could give him a ride tomorrow if his interview was tomorrow.

On the way home from there I realized he left his backpack in the vehicle, so I waited for the phone call. Sure enough, about five minutes after I was home he called since he needed the cloths in it for alternative school. When I got back to the place he asked if I could just give him a ride to his house. I went ahead and said yes (I'm such a softie). He seemed pretty honest but apparently didn't want me dropping him off in his drive way as he had me drop him off at the parking lot of the Galvez middle school.

Yada yada yada... I still haven't got, read, or done the essay question on "Player Piano" for history class, and that's due tomorrow evening. I need to speak with my mom about buying the eBook of it for $9 since the local libraries don't have it. I also need to return the last book, "The Great Gatsby."

Dang it, I need to find time, somehow, to write Jo a letter. I still haven't responded to his letter sent specifically to me or the two he sent to the class. Dag-nab-it.

Cable bill came in today. $11.22 due by May 31st. I washed the mini-van today and started to clean out the inside but it was so hot with no shade that the shop-vac seemed to be over heating. I was going to finish it tonight but it started raining so that was out of the question.

Umm.... wow, I think I'm out of stuff to talk about. Imagine that.
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